The Scheme of 10th Order Implicit Runge-Kutta Method to Solve the First Order of Initial Value Problems

Z Bahri, L Zakaria, Syamsudhuha Syamsudhuha


Abstract—To construct a scheme of implicit Runge-Kutta methods, there are a number of coefficients that must be determined and satisfying consistency properties and Butcher’s simplifying assumptions. In this paper we provide the numerical simulation technique to obtain a scheme of 10th order Implicit Runge-Kutta (IRK10) method. For simulation process, we construct an algorithm to compute all the coefficients involved in the IRK10 scheme. The algorithm is implemented in a language programming (Turbo Pascal) to obtain all the required coefficients in the scheme. To show that our scheme works correctly, we use the scheme to solve Hénon-Heiles system.

Keywords—ODEs, 10th order IRK method, numerical technique, Hénon-Heiles system

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