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INSIST is an International online journal which publishes innovative research papers and critical reviews in the field of engineering and interdisciplinary science researches. It focuses on but not limited to Electrical and Telecommunication, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Civil and Architecture, Geophysics Engineering, Material Physics, Applied Sciences and Biomedical Engineering. The over-riding criteria for publication are the originality, scientific quality and interest to the interdisciplinary research.

INSIST is published by The Institute for Research and Community Services (LPPM), University of Lampung, Indonesia twice a year for October and April editions, start from October 2016. INSIST built and aims to open collaborations with several International Conferences and Symposiums, including: MIMEC UTM Malaysia, IC-STAR Unila Indonesia, and others.

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Vol 2, No 2 (2017)

>> Cover INSIST Vol.2 No.1 2017


The inaugural issue of INSIST received various responds from the readers. Although most of them are positives, in which we endow our grateful, we have put our attention and consideration for some critics and suggestions. Most of the critics and questions were due to the late of the publication.  We feel sorry, and apologise for the authors and contributors. We believe those critics and suggestion as a proof how the readers concern about the quality of the journal. We shall be working hard to make the quality of INSIST improved continuously.

Nonetheless, this issue comes with 8 research articles on interdisciplinary works. Most of the articles are industrial research in the field of agriculture, chemical engineering, and science. A biomedical engineering and architect are also included in the contribution. We believe based on previous issue, this issue, and forward, INSIST will contribute in scientific world as well as industrial needs. During the processing of the publications, we received tremendous supports and services from the reviewers and all contributors, in which we expressed our appreciation and grateful.

We do hope this issue will provide some significant for the readers.

We are getting better, but we have to get better.

Best regards,

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Table of Contents


Gusri Akhyar Ibrahim, Arinal Hamni, Sri Maria Puji Lestari

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Rahmat Alfi Duhri, Rianto Adhy Sasongko, Yayom Dwi Laksmana

Smiley face Abstract 39

Adhy Prayitno, Muhammad Irvan, Sigit Nurharsanto, Wahyu Fajar Yantoa

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Mahardi Sadono, Saphira Alifa Harahap, Dani Yulianto Putra, Randhy Randhy, Muhamad Luthfi Imam Nurhakim

Smiley face Abstract 32

Herti Utami, Simparmin Br. Ginting, Dwi Derti Sulistiowati, Ria Putri Hermiyati

Smiley face Abstract 35

Putu Sukma Megaputri, Putu Kusuma Dewi Dian Prima, Cindy Meilinda Sari, I Dewa Ayu Rismayanti

Smiley face Abstract 31

Rianto A Sasongko, Yorgi A. Ndaomanu, Yazdi I. Jenie, M. Luthfi I. Nurhakin, M. Rafi Hadytama, Yusuf K Asalani

Smiley face Abstract 37

Muhammad Adnan Utomo, Romie Oktavianus Bura

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